Dental aesthetics

Perfect teeth, perfect smile

    The best treatment to get the perfect smile

    Before carrying out the treatment to be applied, at Gross Dentistas we have the latest technology to study each case in detail: with the aid of iTero™ intraoral scanner, which can take up to 1,000 photographs per second to make a virtual model of the mouth. This is remarkably close to the final result and allows us to know how the patient will evolve and in what time-frame.

    What treatments do we offer?

    We offer different treatments for dental aesthetics

    Carillas dentales Malaga

    Composite Veneers
    When the tooth is healthy and its aesthetics can be improved, the preferred solution is the use of veneers. At Gross Dentistas we use ceramic veneers or, for a better result, composite veneers.

    Blanqueamiento dental Malaga

    Teeth Whitening
    At Gross Dentistas we treat teeth when they need clinical treatment, but we also work for improving dental aesthetics, since it provides patients with better self-esteem, and that has positive effects on our health. That is why we have the best teeth whitening machine on the market.

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      How do I know which treatment is best for me?

      At Gross Dentistas, our specialist in aesthetics assesses the general situation of the patient and explains the way in which their smile can be improved. Aesthetic treatments have to be very well planned and may require additional treatments such as Orthodontics, Implantology or Periodontology.

      Once all questions have been answered, a photographic session is usually carried out and the mouth is measured for obtaining a mold of the same. Then, the laboratory prepares a proposal for the new smile,“diagnostic wax-up” that allows the patient to see the final result of the treatment in a provisional way, without pain and without touching any teeth. This is called a”Mock-up“.

      Frequently asked questions about Dental Veneers and Teeth Whitening

      Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime

      If you need more information, at Gross Dentistas we will be happy to help you. At our clinic in Málaga, the Gross team will examine your case and make a diagnosis of what the best strategy to solve your problem is.

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