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    What is the difference between aesthetic orthodontics and metal bracket orthodontics?

    The 2 types of orthodontics have their advantages and disadvantages. Metal bracket orthodontics is recommended for people who are not concerned about the metallic colour of the brackets. Obviously, the metallic brackers are more resistant to the chewing movement of the mouth. Its great disadvantage is that due to its metallic material it is very visible and not very aesthetic.

    On the contrary, aesthetic bracket orthodontics is ideal for people who are overly concerned with their external appearance. The great disadvantage of aesthetic braces is that these are more fragile than metal ones and that you have to be more careful when chewing hard food. In addition, the treatment time is usually longer with this type of bracket.

    To know more about the different types of possible orthodontics, how the treatments work and frequent questions about this, visit Orthodontics or Invisalign.

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      Why choose aesthetic orthodontics?

      Deciding which type of orthodontics to use is a joint task between the patient and the orthodontist. It is convenient to take into account all the existing factors: type of dental crowding, objective of the orthodontic treatment, budget… At Gross Dentistas, we will help you choose the solution and the type of orthodontics that suit you best.

      Aesthetic brackets are similar to the metallic ones. The only difference is that brackets are made of ceramic or sapphire, and thus, these are not so visible when placed on the tooth. These work exactly the same way: brackets, archwires, rubber bands and adjustments every 3 or 4 weeks. With sapphire brackets, it is easier to move the teeth, so the treatment takes less time.

      The process to be followed in this treatment and how to take care of them are exactly the same in both cases.

      In our Brackets section you will find more information about the two types of aesthetic braces, and about the treatment and care.

      Should you have any further question about aesthetic orthodontics, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime

      Are you looking for orthodontic treatment specialists in Málaga? Contact us and come to visit our dental clinic in Málaga and we will estimate the cost of your orthodontic treatment. We are located at Paseo de Reding, next to the Municipal Heritage Museum of Málaga.

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