Dental root canal treatments

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatments, the commonly known as killing the nerve —nothing could be further from the truth—, since the nerve is not killed, but it is slowly dissolved.

The process consists of emptying the tooth to remove the possible residual nerve tissue remaining (called pulp tissue) and all the bacteria that may have come into the system of canals that form the tooth. Once it is clean, the tooth is hermetically sealed with materials that prevent the bacteria from entering again.

Thus, a good root canal treatment sometimes needs time and more than one session is required to achieve the goal of the treatment.

It is vital to perform a good and complete restoration afterwards so that bacteria cannot be filtered from the oral environment. A tooth treated with a root canal does not always mean a very brittle tooth,although it is true that the tooth loses a bit of sensitivity and, since the nerve is not there any longer, also the sensation of the strength when biting. For that reason, the root canal treatment has to be performed very carefully and making every possible effort to prevent it from breaking or being damaged in the medium and long term.

Root canal retreatment

This is to carry out a canal root treatment again. The objective of the root canal treatment is to disinfect and seal the system of internal ducts of the tooth.

It is essential that the restoration and the maintenance of the tooth are performed correctly.

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    Not at all. They work and are successful in the long term, but at a lower percentage than the root canal treatments. They are still one of the treatments of first choice in those cases when it helps to conserve the tooth for a long period of time

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