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The most aesthetic, comfortable and invisible orthodontics

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    What is Invisalign?

    Invisalign®️ It is the most invisible, comfortable, aesthetic and newest option to align your teeth.

    The main difference between the invisible orthodontics Invisalign and bracket orthodontics is that the aligners of the teeth are removable and practically invisible.

    It consists of the use of invisible and removable appliances, which are made from a virtual model of the patient’s teeth after performing a virtual planning of the case (ClinCheck) by the doctor Concha Gross. The use of brackets or wires is not necessary, thus avoiding the possible discomfort that these may cause. These aligners should be worn at least 22 hours a day, that is, practically always, even when sleeping, but with the advantage that these can be removed when eating and brushing your teeth. In this way, as the patient can remove the Invisalign aligners to eat, the oral hygiene routine is performed in a similar way as if they were not undergoing any treatment, allowing to maintain a very high level of hygiene in the mouth without extra effort.

    Types of Invisalign

    These are the simplest cases of orthodontics. Normally, these are used to correct recurrences of a previous orthodontic treatment, or to perform slight movements.
    The treatments last approximately 2-3 months and it consists of 7 aligners. We can choose to apply this treatment on a single quadrant (upper or lower) or on both.

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    Tell doctor Concha about your case. She will answer all your questions about Invisalign.

      Process of Invisalign orthodontics

      The step prior to starting a treatment of invisible orthodontics, Invisalign, is the same for any type of orthodontic treatment. An oral cleaning is carried out and we have to check if it is necessary to perform any previous general dentistry treatment.

      Once we have guaranteed the oral health of the patient, we can proceed with the first of the 5 steps required for the Invisalign technique.

      The first step to perform an orthodontic treatment is to visit the orthodontist. After an examination and an evaluation of the needs and requirements of the patient, a scan of the patient’s mouth is carried out (iTero intraoral scanner). Once the iTero intraoral scanner is performed, we obtain in few seconds a real image of the inside of the mouth and a simulation of the evolution of the treatment with invisible orthodontics Invisalign.

      Advantages of Invisalign

      Nowadays, orthodontics with aligners is the most used technique in adults, but also in children and teenagers due to the many advantages it offers:



      By eliminating brackets and metal attachments adhered on the tooth surface, chafing with the mucosa and the consequent sores or ulcers that these can produce are reduced



      Orthodontics with aligners allows patients to keep following your usual hygiene routine. As these are removable, you can easily take them off to eat and brush your teeth, thus being able to follow your usual cleaning routine, brushing and flossing as if you were not wearing orthodontics.

      Less emergencies


      As there are no elements adhered on the tooth, the number of possible emergencies, and consequently extra visits to the dental clinic to solve them, are reduced



      When you are wearing the aligners, these will go unnoticed for the ones around you. You will be able to smile without showing that you are improving your smile!

      Is Invisalign convenient for me?

      In many cases, the chosen type of orthodontics depends on the needs of the treatment. The most important thing in orthodontic treatments is to make a correct diagnosis of the case. Then, depending on the requirements, the doctor will advise the patient what is the most suitable treatment. We have to bear in mind that each appliance is better for specific movements, and which will be carried out with greater predictability. So, we recommend to let yourself be advised by the doctor.

      Invisalign malaga

      Cares of Invisalign treatment

      One of the main advantages of invisible orthodontics is that it is easy to maintain a correct oral hygiene thanks to the fact that it is not difficult to clean. As it is a removable device, it can be removed for cleaning whenever necessary. In addition, as these are replaced every week, it is enough to follow simple daily hygiene routines. We recommend the following routine:


      Brush your teeth after every meal, whether you have invisible braces or not.
      (this is not a tip, it is an obligation)


      Brush the aligners with the toothbrush
      and warm water


      Use only water. The material invisalign is made of makes it unnecessary using
      any other product than water


      Brush your teeth after every meal, whether you have invisible braces or not.
      (this is not a tip, it is an obligation)


      Brush the aligners with the toothbrush
      and warm water


      Use only water. The material invisalign is made of makes it unnecessary using
      any other product than water

      Dudas frecuentes de Invisalign

      Should you have any further question about Invisalign, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation

      Are you looking for specialists in Invisalign®️ in Málaga? Contact us and come to visit our dental clinic Gross Dentistas in Málaga and we will estimate the cost of your invisible orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®️. We are located at Paseo de Reding, next to the Municipal Heritage Museum of Málaga.

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