Orthodontics and Speech therapy

    What is speech therapy?

    Speech therapy is the discipline that studies, prevents, detects, evaluates, diagnoses and treats human communication disorders: voice, hearing, speech and language disorders (oral, written, gestural); and of the oro-facial and deglutition functions. The main objective of the speech therapist is to rehabilitate, as much as possible, the altered functions with the help of the ones that are preserved. In this way, the speech therapist provides the patient with strategies for using their skills. They learn to combine them in a useful and functional way with the objective to use these during the activities of the everyday life.

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      Speech therapy and odontology are disciplines that have points in common. In orthodontic processes, for example, a speech therapist helps to correct the position of the tongue, breathing, and to strengthen the muscles. Our speech therapist will help you in case you need to rehabilitate certain habits.

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