Dental Implants in Málaga

All-On-4, one-piece implant

Dr. Gross Bethencourt, a pioneer in Málaga in one-piece implants, the so called “All-On-4” implants.

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    What are dental implants?

    Dental implants is a dental treatment that consists of replacing a seriously damaged or already lost tooth with a replacement that simulates a natural tooth.

    In order that this replacement is like a tooth, it needs a root. An option for that are titanium screws (this material is very easy for our body to integrate and is highly durable) that can act as a root.

    Today, it is the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth, with the subsequent placement of crowns or prostheses on them, since it has many more advantages compared to other types of treatment. One of the main advantages is that it fulfills the function of the root of a normal tooth, so the bone continues to have function after its placement and we prevent it from being lost considerably over the years.

    what is a dental implant

    Of course. Of course. Osseointegration (a surgical technique in which an implant is connected to the bone) is ideal thanks to titanium. This metal oxidises in milliseconds on contact with the atmosphere, and its surface is converted into titanium oxide. The titanium oxide behaves like a bioinert material: this means that this material is not rejected. The body naturally rejects any foreign body, but it doesn’t happen with titanium oxide. On the other hand, the hardness and behaviour of this material makes it ideal because in this regard it’s very similar to the bone.

    Dental Implant Málaga

    In Málaga we go beyond aesthetics

    Do you know the complete process of a dental implant treatment? There are many cases in which our teeth stop being useful and are irretrievable. When this happens, the person can be significantly affected by the loss of the tooth for many reasons. In these cases is when dental implants become essential. Down below we will try to explain to you what dental implants consist of, how they are placed and what their advantages are compared to other solutions.

    This is the process of placing dental implants

    First of all, images are obtained by radiography of the jawto have the width and height of the teeth to be replaced and to check the viability of the dental implants.

    Then, using local anesthesia (which is a painless process), the bone is drilled to fit the titanium screw that will act as root. For osseointegration to occur (the fusion of the bone with the implant material), we have to wait from 2 to 6 months, depending on the case​​. Then, a piece called abutment is placed on this screw and, on this, the crown.

    In this video the complete dental implant placement process is shown:

    Dental implants are not just a matter of aesthetics

    Of course, aesthetics play an important role here. Losing a tooth can greatly affect the self-esteem of those who suffer from it. For some people it can be even traumatic. However, beyond aesthetics, there is something more urgent: digestive health. The lack of teeth makes it difficult to properly chew and this can lead to other problems, such as gastritis and other stomach ailments. The function of the teeth is, therefore, essential in the process of digestion and this makes it necessary to recover this function as soon as possible.

    There is also another reason to get dental implants. Healthy teeth tend to move and fill the gap left by the missing teeth. With dental implants, this risk disappears, as they help to keep the teeth in the right place.

    Advantages of dental implants

    Implantes duraderos

    It is a permanent and long-lasting solution


    It does not cause any discomfortto the patient, since it adjusts in a natural way.

    Natural y estético

    They do not look like dental prosthesis, but like natural teeth.

    No afecta a otros dientes

    Placing an implant does not affect the adjacent teeth. In fact, as we have explained in the previous point, they help them to get fixed in the right place.

    Tratamiento Implante dental Málaga

    They hardly require further treatment.

    All-On-4 dental implants

    All-on-4 are one of the most one of the most revolutionary and successful techniques. In a one intervention, we are able to place four consecutive teeth at once, being these restored and getting fixed, and in the least invasive way possible.

    With just 4 dental implants (All-On-4 echnique), we will be able to restore the complete denture if necessary.

    All-On-4 Implants: Questions and Answers

    The implant technique is the same as the one described above, except for a couple of very important details. The first is that we place four implants at once instead of one. The second is that we will be able to go home with the fixed prostheses the same day of the intervention, thus avoiding the most unsightly part of the process.

    When the dental implants have healed and integrated into the bone, we replace the prostheses with the definitive ones. The former are, of course, temporary, but from day one the patient has a perfectly functional mouth. You can talk, chew, and so on.

    dental implants study malaga
    Should you have any question about dental implants in Málaga, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

    All-on-4 dental implants are ideal for those who have lost numerous teeth, but it may happen that the best solution for you is another one. Dr. Gross de Bethencourt, an expert in implantology, will examine your case and give you the solution that best suits your case. You already know our motto is “just smile”. And at Gross Dentistas it is our main objective. We look forward to your visit. We look forward to your visit.

      Frequently asked questions about dental implants

      It is normal to have questions when we start thinking about dental implants, for this reason, we have developed a series of answers to those possible questions that any patient may have regarding dental implants.

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