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At Gross Dentistas we know that each person has different needs and for this reason, at Gross Dentistas we want to satisfy each of them with a type of treatment or orthodontic appliance.

For that reason, our professionals will evaluate your case individually and make the best decision together with you. Additionally, they will monitor the evolution of your teeth and make sure that you get the perfect smile.

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Orthodontics is a dental treatment aimed at correcting malformations and abnormalities of the teeth in relation to their position in the mouth. It consists of the placement of a dental appliance, which can be fixed or removable, and which is aimed at fixing dental crowding issues.

Nowadays, orthodontics is increasingly important. Indeed, tooth malformations have a social and a medical component. Regarding the latter, a bad bite can lead to gastric problems, poor digestion and other discomfort. With regard to the social component, well-aligned teeth are very important for our aesthetics and helps us feel good about ourselves.

Orthodontics is commonly associated with a treatment for children, but the number of adult patients that request an orthodontic treatment grows more and more. This is because they are unhappy with their smiles or due to functional reasons.

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Types of Orthodontics

Regarding the mobility of the appliance, there are mainly two types of orthodontics: fixed and removable.

Fixed appliances are those that are placed by the orthodontist and only they can perform all the necessary adjustments for the correct alignment of the teeth. In the case of removable ones, the orthodontist makes a study and designs the treatment, and it is up to the patient to comply with the minimum treatment times.

In the case of invisalign orthodontics, for example, it should only be removed to eat and to brush your teeth.

There are also several orthodontic treatments such as traditional metal braces, aesthetic orthodontics and invisible orthodontics. These all have the same functionalities, i.e., these can solve any dental alignment problems, but they are different at the aesthetic level. For aesthetic orthodontics, we use aesthetic brackets that can be made of porcelain, ceramic or sapphire.

Deciding which type of orthodontics to use is a joint task between the patient and the orthodontist. It is convenient to take into account all the existing factors: type of dental crowding, objective of the orthodontic treatment, budget… At Gross Dentistas, we will help you choose the solution and the type of orthodontics that suit you best.

In our clinic Gross Dentistas in Málaga, we have the following orthodontic treatments:


Invisible orthodontics Invisalign® has the most transparent and inconspicuous appliance in dental aesthetics.

At Gross Dentistas we have an iTeroâ„¢ scanner that allows us to do a computerized simulation of the treatment in one hour.

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Metal bracket appliances are perhaps the most popular ones. These consist of square metal objects, the brackets, which are fixed on the tooth with a special glue and joined together by wires and rubber bands.

Children’s orthodontics

Orthodontics in children will be easy with our specialist in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Concha Gross.

Aesthetic orthodontics

The aesthetic bracket appliances are similar to the traditional ones, except for the fact that these brackets are made of ceramic or sapphire, which makes them much more inconspicuous when placed on the tooth, thus being a form of aesthetic orthodontics.

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