Composite veneers

Dental aesthetics for having the perfect smile

    What are veneers?

    Veneers are thin covers that adhere to the front side of the teeth, which improves their shape,colour, size and position. These can be an alternative to orthodontics (if only slight changes are needed) or even an aesthetic improvement after said treatment.

    These are indicated for the following cases:

    • Small, short, or broken teeth.
    • Moderately crooked teeth.
    • Teeth with diastemas (gap between teeth).
    • Worn teeth due to bruxism or erosions.
    • Stained teeth or with color change

    And what are composite veneers?

    This treatment consists of the application of successive layers of composite directly on the tooth, without anesthesia and without manufacturing any pieces in the laboratory. The dentist applies the material and molds it on the tooth until the desired shape and size is achieved. Even the colour of the tooth is achieved, since the dentist works on the colour of the composite so that the result blends in with the rest of the teeth.

    Unlike porcelain veneers, composite barely reach a considerable thickness, so it is not necessary to carve the tooth. It is applied directly to it and the result is very natural.

    Types of Veneers


    • Similar to a filling, these are made of aesthetic resin
    • The dentist can apply them directly on the same visit
    • The composite can be applied on the tooth without or with little carving
    • These are a solution for minor aesthetic problems
    • Easy placement and repair
    • The treatment requires one or two visits
    • More economical
    • They need some maintenance for the colour and the polishing

    Don't wait any longer

    Contact with doctor Concha Gross and tell her your case. We will advise you on the orthodontics that best suits you


      The step prior to starting a treatment of invisible orthodontics, Invisalign, is the same for any type of orthodontic treatment. An oral cleaning is carried out and we have to check if it is necessary to perform any previous general dentistry treatment.

      Once we have guaranteed the oral health of the patient, we can proceed with invisible orthodontics Invisalign.

      The first step to perform an orthodontic treatment is to visit the orthodontist. After an examination and an evaluation of the needs and requirements of the patient, a scan of the patient’s mouth is carried out (iTero intraoral scanner). Once the iTero intraoral scanner is performed, we obtain in few seconds a real image of the inside of the mouth and a simulation of the evolution of the treatment with invisible orthodontics Invisalign.

      We work with the best brands

      At Gross Dentistas we use the best material available on the market to achieve the most spectacular results possible

      At Gross Dentistas, our specialist in aesthetics assesses the general situation of the patient and explains the way in which their smile can be improved. Aesthetic treatments have to be very well planned and may require additional treatments such as Orthodontics, Implantology or Periodontology.

      Once all questions have been answered, a photographic session is usually carried out and the mouth is measured for obtaining a mold of the same. Then, the laboratory prepares a proposal for the new smile,“diagnostic wax-up” that allows the patient to see the final result of the treatment in a provisional way, without pain and without touching any teeth. This is called a”Mock-up“.


      One of the main advantages of invisible orthodontics is that it is easy to maintain a correct oral hygiene thanks to the fact that it is not difficult to clean. As it is a removable device, it can be removed for cleaning whenever necessary. In addition, as these are replaced every week, it is enough to follow simple daily hygiene routines. We recommend the following routine:


      Brush your teeth after every meal, whether you have invisible braces or not.
      (this is not a tip, it is an obligation)


      Brush the aligners with the toothbrush
      and warm water


      Use only water. The material invisalign is made of makes it unnecessary using
      any other product than water


      Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime

      Looking for specialists in orthodontics in Málaga? Contact us and come to visit our dental clinic in Málaga and we will estimate the cost of your orthodontic treatment. We are located at Paseo de Reding, next to the Municipal Heritage Museum of Málaga.

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