What is toothache an how to treat it

que es odontalgia

We find a fairly professional term to something, which although it does not seem, is more common and we experience it in our day to day. In this new article you will know what is toothache and how to put solution.

What is toothache?

It is one of the most frequent pains in the mouth and the reason why people often go to the dentist.

What can indicate that I am suffering toothache?

Before the intense pain that we have mentioned above appears, these are some symptoms that you may experience and indicate that you may be suffering toothache.

  • Fiber
  • Headache
  • Bad taste in the mouth because of infection
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Very severe pain when applying pressure
  • Bleeding of the gum and swelling

Causes of toothache

As in all places, the exception is the rule. But, if it is true that the causes of toothache are usually the same:

  • Cavities: in case it is not deep, we can fight it with a filling. But if the infection reaches the nerve, we must treat it.
  • Bruxism: it’s a process that happens during the night and consists of grinding your teeth. We can fix it with a splint.
  • Pulpitis: pulpitis appears with inflation of the inner part of the tooth, where nerve endings and blood vessels are found.
  • Alveolitis: is an infection that appears in the wall of the tooth socket and usually occurs after an extraction.
  • Periodontal disease: is when the pain is born in the gum and returns to the tooth. We can fix it by extending our minutes in brushing, with a cleaning or by going to the dentist more frequently.
  • Wisdom teeth: one of the most common reasons for the appearance of toothache, is when wisdom teeth begin to come out. Like any tooth that comes out, it creates quite sharp pain but, in this case it is somewhat stronger than normal because, wisdom teeth if they do not have space in the mouth push the other teeth creating a strong oral pain, in some cases they get to move the other pieces, creating an overlap of all teeth, which leads to wearing braces. The solution to this is to go to your dentist and schedule the removal of the tooth that is causing your pain. With the extraction of the same will disappear toothache.
  • Oral trauma: when we take a blow to the mouth, this can lead us to have some kind of break or crack in the teeth. With the appearance of these small incisions, bacteria can appear that can cause a large infection in the piece. In the event that the infection is complicated, we would have to go to our dentist and apply the treatment considered necessary as a filling or endodontic.

Tips to relieve the pain

Until your dentist provides the right treatment, or the treatment itself takes effect, here are some tips and tricks to apply and try to relieve the discomfort created by toothache:

  • Ice
  • Medicines
  • Make this homemade mouthwash: warm water, salt and baking soda
  • Go to your dentist more often
  • Extend the time of brushing

Treatment of toothache with Gross Dentist

If you are currently suffering from toothache, or any other type of oral problem, we recommend that you come to visit us or contact us. As we are one of the leading dentists in Malaga, we have a wide range of treatments that will suit your needs.

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