Dental bone loss: Causes and how to avoid it

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One of the most common problems many people face is dental bone loss, a phenomenon that can have significant consequences for long-term oral health.

Given its importance, from our dental clinic in Malaga, Gross Dentistas, in this article, we will explore the causes behind dental bone loss and provide valuable recommendations on how to prevent it. Additionally, we will talk about innovative treatments, including dental implants, to address missing teeth.

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What are the main causes of dental bone loss?

Dental bone loss can be influenced by several factors, and it is essential to understand the causes to effectively address the problem.

For this reason, below we list some of the main reasons:

Periodontal diseases

Gum infections can lead to the degradation of dental bone.

In this sense, gingivitis and periodontitis are common diseases that, if not treated properly, can have a negative impact on bone health.

Dental trauma

On the other hand, injuries or trauma in the teeth can directly affect the dental bone.

Strong blows or accidents can weaken the bone structure that supports the teeth, eventually leading to their loss.

Untreated dental absences

Missing a tooth can cause resorption of the surrounding bone.

When a tooth is missing, the bone no longer receives the necessary stimulation through chewing, which can result in gradual loss of bone mass.

Genetic factors

Some people may have a genetic predisposition to developing dental problems, including dental bone loss.

Genetics can influence bone structure and strength.

How to avoid dental bone loss? These are our recommendations

Prevention plays a crucial role in preserving dental bone.

Here are some recommendations to maintain optimal dental bone health:

  • Regular oral care: Practicing rigorous oral hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, helps prevent gum disease and reduce the risk of dental bone loss.
  • Regular visits to the dentist: Scheduling regular dental checkups allows for the early detection of dental problems and the implementation of preventive treatments.
  • Timely treatments: Timely treating periodontal diseases and missing teeth is essential to avoid dental bone loss. At Gross Dentistas, our dental clinic in Malaga, we offer specialized treatments to address these problems.
  • Dental implants: In cases of tooth loss, dental implants are an effective solution to restore chewing function and prevent bone loss by providing the necessary stimulation.

At Gross Dentistas we prioritize your oral health with our treatments

At Gross Dentistas, we recognize the importance of strong oral health.

For this reason, our dental clinic in Malaga is committed to offering advanced and personalized treatments to address missing teeth and prevent dental bone loss, among other pathologies.

Likewise, we have a great team of highly trained professionals passionate about improving the oral health of our patients.

As a summary, dental bone loss is a preventable problem with proper care and timely attention. By following oral hygiene practices, making regular visits to the dentist, and seeking specialized treatments when necessary, you can maintain healthy dental bone structure and enjoy a long-lasting smile.

Do you want to obtain more information about this matter or any other related to our sector? We remind you that you can contact us.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you and prioritize your oral health!

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