Mouth sores: what they are, why they appear and how they are cured

Llagas en la boca y la lengua

One of the most frequent oral pathologies is the appearance of sores in the mouth and tongue, also known as mouth ulcers. It is not a serious problem, but it is true that they can be very annoying.

But… What must be done to cure them? And to prevent them? In today’s article we will talk about their origin, how to treat mouth sores and what to do to prevent them from appearing.

What is a sore?

Sores are lesions that appear in or around the oral cavity. It is an injury that acquires a whitish color that with the passing of days takes on a more yellowish color, and sometimes, it is usually accompanied by some redness.

The most frequent canker sores usually appear on the lips, gums, tongue and even on the palate.

As for the size it presents, it can be very diverse, although as a general rule it does not usually exceed 8 millimeters. It is true that depending on the size of the ulcer it can be more or less uncomfortable.

On the other hand, and due to receiving some preventive treatment, there are people who, due to genetic factors, are more likely to have mouth sores. In our dental clinic in Malaga we have specialists and, thanks to our recommendations, the appearance of these ulcers will decrease.

Why do sores appear in the mouth?

Sometimes we may not find an explanation for why mouth sores appear in children and adults. However, there are factors that tend to stimulate the outflow of canker sores such as:

  • Genetics:

As we have mentioned, there are people who inherit these conditions, that is, who are more likely to have sores.

Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces are more likely to have sores. This is so because the friction of the device and/or metal wire with the oral cavity generates lesions, in most cases, in the form of canker sores.

  • Immunological factors:

When we suffer from some type of cold and our defenses are a little lower than normal, some sores are likely to appear.

  • Hormonal changes:

Hormonal imbalance also favors the appearance of ulcers. It is more frequent in women than in men, since the menstrual period is one of the main causes of hormonal change.

  • Oral lesions:

If in our daily life we ​​bite or injure ourselves in any way, most likely a sore has appeared in the mouth.

How are mouth sores healed?

In most cases, mouth sores do not usually need any specific treatment, since they heal on their own in a couple of weeks or so.

However, for situations of a certain severity of sores, we must bear in mind that a greater increase in oral hygiene will have to be made. In this way, we will eliminate the bacteria in the mouth that aggravate the injury.

On the other hand, avoid foods that cause discomfort, the most common are spicy, acidic and even very hot.

There are medications with hydrocortisone that help fight sores and reduce discomfort. In these cases, always follow the recommendations of your dentist and/or pharmacist.

If you have a canker sore or an ulcer that has not healed for a long time and you want to solve it, at Gross Dentistas we are at your entire disposal. Request an appointment with us and after the review we will propose the best treatment to follow.

The best dentists are at Gross Dentistas! We will wait for you!

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