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Do you know the relationship between oral piercings and the problems they can cause when placed in the mouth? In the event that you do not know, if you are wearing a tongue or lip piercing or are thinking of wearing it, you should know that they are not harmless and take into account the information that we will show you in this article.

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Where are oral piercings usually placed?

Before knowing in depth the problems that oral piercings cause in the oral health of people, it is interesting to know where such earrings are placed. Therefore, without further delay, the places of the oral cavity where they are usually placed are the following:


Tongue is one of the favorite sites, especially in teenagers. They are usually made in the central part of the same and usually opt for those that are like a kind of bar that have balls at both ends, although there are also those who opt for rings on the sides of the tongue.


As far as the lips are concerned, they are placed in any part of the lip perimeter, being the most common in the lower lips. For this type of piercings are usually used hoops or a bar with a sphere on the outside and a flat disc that causes it to close inside.

Finally another of the places of the oral cavity where they are also placed, although less frequently, are: The cheeks, the lingual frenulum and the bell.

Problems that oral piercings cause in people’s oral health

If you have or want to have an earring in any area of the oral cavity it is very important to know that complications can occur both short and long. The problems that oral piercings cause in oral health are not an isolated fact and, in Gross Dentists, we highlight the following:

Short-term complications

On the one hand, short-term complications in relation to its placement may be the following: Inflammation, pain, difficulty speaking and chewing, bleeding, hypersalivation, infection, paresthesia and/or allergy.

Long-term complications

On the other hand, regarding long-term complications, it is important to know that between 15 and 20% of adolescents with oral piercings have a high risk of suffering dental fractures and periodontal diseases, that is, in the gums and tissues that support the teeth. Both problems can lead to loss of anterior teeth.

We inform you in detail about the problems of oral piercings and oral treatments

Probably, after reading all the information exposed you do not want to make a slope in the oral cavity, but if you are still thinking of succumbing to this fashion, we advise you to visit us so that we can explain in greater depth everything you need to know about this matter.

In addition, we can also inform you of all our oral treatments and make a review to check if it is necessary to start or not any of them. Remember that at Gross Dentists we specialize in orthodontic treatments, dental implants, professional dental cleanings, aesthetic veneers, periodontics, among many others.

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