Tips for patients with dentures

When we talk about taking care of the state of our mouth, both aesthetically and functionally, we are talking about a very important issue. In today’s article, we want to address a topic of interest, especially for those people who have had to resort to wearing prostheses due to dental absences.

In short, we will show you effective advice for patients with dentures.

What are dentures for?

Before naming advice for patients with dental prostheses, it is proper to mention what is a dental prosthesis.

For those who do not already know, a dental prosthesis corresponds to an artificial element that is used to restore the anatomy of one or several teeth. Thanks to them, the treated patient recovers the aesthetics and functionality of his teething.

The prostheses are manufactured in a completely personalized way, and it is the dentist who is responsible for giving the indications to the dental technician for their elaboration. As a rule, the materials used are acrylic or porcelain, and it is interesting to note that the base imitates the natural tissue of the gum.

The objectives of dental prostheses are as follows

At this point we will mention what your objectives are, relevant information to know before knowing the advice for patients with dental prostheses.

The purpose is to rehabilitate the functionality of the teeth so that people with dental absences carry out a correct chewing, can perform a successful daily oral hygiene, avoid pronunciation problems, among others.

Likewise, they also have an essential aesthetic function, since at first glance it will seem that the patient has all his teeth. We could say that it improves self-esteem.

What types of dentures exist?

The truth is that there is no single model of dental prosthesis, and the types of:

Fixed prostheses

Fixed prostheses are those that cannot be removed by the person being treated. Therefore, if it is necessary to remove them, the professional dentist will be responsible for doing so.

Within fixed prostheses we differentiate: fixed crowns or bridges, fixed prostheses on implants and hybrid prostheses on implants.

Removable prostheses

On the other side of the coin, removable prostheses can be extracted by the patient himself, and can be: removable complete prostheses, removable partial resin prosthesis and removable skeletal prostheses.

What are the best tips for patients with dentures?

Now, the right time has come for us to show you what are the best tips for patients with dentures, which without further delay we show below:

  • It is important to wash the prosthesis (if removable), after each meal, with a special brush.
  • Wash with a specific paste for prosthesis and then rinse with water optimally so that there are no remains. Toothpaste is contraindicated as it can deteriorate.
  • In the case of fixed crowns and bridges, the oral cleaning shall be the same as that of the natural denture.
  • It is advisable to remove the prosthesis to sleep so that the tissues of the mouth rest from the pressure to which they are subjected.
  • When the prosthesis is not placed in the mouth it is essential that water is preserved, since this will prevent possible shocks and deformations.

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