What is fluorosis and what foods can cause it?

que es fluorosis

I’m sure you’ve ever seen fluorosis in one of your children and in a coworker, but how can we prevent it from appearing? What foods should we avoid eating to avoid having fluorosis in our teeth? These are some of the questions that many people ask, so in the article that you will read below we will help you to know this dental anomaly and how we can prevent it.

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What is fluorosis ?

Fluorosis is a dental disease caused by ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride during tooth development. This can occur when children younger than 8 years old consume large amounts of foods rich in fluoride, such as water with fluorides and dental products that contain fluoride.

It’s totally painless, but it’s very significant in the teeth. Children aren’t at risk for dental fissures.

Characteristics of fluorosis

Fluorosis is characterized by white, brown or yellow spots visible on the teeth. Although this condition does not cause any serious medical complications, it can have aesthetically unpleasant effects if not treated properly.

Symptoms of fluorosis

The main symptoms are irregular white spots on the surface of tooth enamel that usually appear after permanent birth and growth until age 8. Areas that have a different color to the tooth are mainly more pronounced near the incisal edge (sharp edge) of the superficial parts and usually have the form of pointed lines that occur more frequently between the upper and lower lateral incisors.

Protecting children from fluorosis

As you have seen, young children are the most likely to suffer from fluorosis, so below you will be able to read a series of guidelines so that your child does not suffer from fluorosis:

  • Children under the age of three should use fluoride toothpaste as little as possible.
  • Limit the number of times you brush your teeth during this age, only twice a day.
  • You should monitor your child’s dental routine. Usually, children are used to swallowing water, we should teach them to spit water but not to remove excess toothpaste.
  • Finally, we must keep our child away from all dental products that is not yet of use age.

Another point to keep in mind is that once the child is one year old, we should start going to dentist with him. One of the advantages of going to the dentist as a child is that you can prevent a lot of dental diseases such as flourosis as well as other problems, moreover, you will also lose the fear of going.

Solutions for fluorosis

For adults suffering from fluorosis, there are two solutions to remedy it:

  • Teeth whitening: Thanks to teeth whitening, we can again have the same bright smile as before and say goodbye to the white spots appeared by fluorosis.
  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers a treatment that is made as a final solution, since this is the definitive solution but also the most aggressive.

The most common solution that all dentists usually suggest is tooth whitening. It is the option that is less aggressive for teeth and more economical. On the other hand veneers are a definitive solution and sometimes if the treatment is not done correctly the original tooth can be damaged.

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