Dental fillings, what is and what is your procedure

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Performing treatments such as dental fillings is an effective solution to restore those teeth that have been affected by tooth decay or other damage that can affect the health of your mouth.

Dental fillings are a process that can save your teeth from more complex future interventions.

What is a dental shutter?

The main goal of a dental filling is to restore the health of your affected tooth. It consists of removing caries by scraping the area in which it is until leaving it completely clean. Once we have removed the cavities completely, we fill the hole that has remained in the tooth. For this we use different types of fillings such as amalgam, composite or porcelain fillings. But beware, if caries is not treated at the beginning of its appearance, the infection can spread until it reaches the tooth pulp.

Procedure to perform dental filling

The procedure to perform the dental filling consists of the following steps:

We anesthetize the affected area: if the cavity is very deep, it may be near the nerve of the tooth. So it is advisable to anesthetize the area to avoid possible discomfort when intervening with treatment.

We eliminate caries: using the appropriate tools, we proceed to remove the tissue that is affected by caries.

We fill the hole: depending on the patient’s need, we can use amalgam or composite to fill the tooth. It fills the cavity that has been exposed by caries and harden the material with LED light.

We smooth the area: finally, we must perfectly cover the filling and ensure that the bite is safe and comfortable for the patient.

How to avoid a dental blockage

If we want to avoid going through this process, you must carry out good hygiene of your teeth daily. You should brush your teeth 3 times a day after each meal. Do not abuse brushing, that is, use brushing techniques that do not to the health of your teeth.

The use of the interdental brush and the thread serves to remove those remains in which a conventional brush can not access, ensuring a good cleaning. And finally, finish the washing process with mouthwashes to ensure greater protection in your mouth.

Tips for taking care of your fillings

Once we have gone through the dental filling, you should know that not only performing the treatment is enough. From now on, you will have to take care of your fillings so that they last over time.

Dental hygiene: as mentioned in the previous section, you should brush your teeth after each meal, using a good brushing technique. Do not forget to clean the inside of the cheeks and tongue, there also accumulate bacteria.

Have a healthy habit: in your day to day it is important to have a healthy habit, as that is reflected a lot in your health. You should follow a diet that completes the consumption rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid those foods that are harmful to your teeth, such as sugars. Remember that tobacco use also affects your mouth.

Visit your dentist: Visit your dentist periodically and not just when you have a problem. Perform a dental cleaning at least once every six months to remove any traces of tartar or bacteria that may harm you in the future.

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