Sensitive teeth? Find out how to treat this problem

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Do you feel discomfort or pain when consuming cold foods or drinks? It can be a symptom of sensitive teeth.

Find out what dental sensitivity is, what its reasons are, and how to prevent dental sensitivity. From the exposure of dentin to the effects of tooth whitening, he knows all the characteristics of this common dental problem.

What are sensitive teeth?

The appearance of sensitive teeth is due to exposure of the roots of the teeth or dental wear. Although this discomfort also enhances your sensitivity, it is due to the appearance of cavities, chipped or cracked teeth. We should not confuse having sensitive teeth with dental hypersensitivity.

If you feel discomfort in your teeth, we advise you to visit your dentist. At Gross Dentists, we have our dental clinic in Malaga where we can attend at any time.

Causes of sensitive teeth

The main causes of these problems can be found:

  • Strong brushing: brushing your teeth with a hard brush or brushing several times a day is one of the most common reasons for wearing your teeth and even boosting the appearance of gum retraction.
  • Use of whitening toothpaste: this type of toothpaste contains components that are corrosive to our teeth so it accelerates their wear.
  • Use of certain mouthwashes: some mouthwashes incite the irritation of our teeth due to their high levels of hydrogen peroxide, even harming us if we use them frequently.
  • You drink drinks and acidic foods: products containing sugars and bubbles create a negative effect on our mouth, leading to erosion and dental decalcification.
  • Grind teeth: people with bruxism can suffer more from this problem because clenching teeth generates tooth wear, damaging our enamel and leaving dentin exposed.

Treatment for sensitive teeth

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, there are currently treatments at your fingertips that you should know:

  • Fluorides: if you go to your dental clinic to prevent this problem, your dentist can apply fluoride to your gums to strengthen the enamel on your teeth to reduce their pain.
  • Dentifrices desensitizing: this type of toothpaste helps block the pain of sensitive teeth after various uses.
  • Surgical treatments: if the previous treatments do not arise effect, you can choose to perform surgical interventions to eliminate sensitive teeth. It can range from a surgical gum graft in which a piece of gum sample is taken and placed in the affected area to a root canal, a procedure in which the problem is treated from the soft nucleus of the tooth.

Tips for Preventing Sensitive Teeth

Here are some recommendations:

  • Avoid brushing your teeth with a hard brush: using a softer bristle brush will prevent your teeth from wearing out so easily.
  • Use brushing techniques: with your soft toothbrush, make smooth, circular movements around your teeth. You will avoid the exposure of dentin and reduce its sensitivity.
  • It reduces the consumption of acidic or very cold foods: as we have mentioned above, this type of food increases its wear and therefore your sensitivity.
  • Visit your dentist often: check periodically for future problems in your mouth.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms and want to prevent it as soon as possible, contact us, we will help you by carrying out a previous study and offering you personalized advice according to the characteristics that your teeth show. Our team of professionals is waiting for you.

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