Is your fixed dental retainer detached? We solve it

Fixed dental retainer detached

Fixed dental retainers are metal wires that are placed on the face and lantern of the teeth and adapt to their shape, so that they are completely hidden. This treatment is really long lasting and it can take several years before it needs to be changed.

It is used after orthodontic treatment to allow the teeth to adapt to their new position in an orderly fashion. If this fixed dental retainer is not used, there is a high probability that the teeth will return to their original position and the orthodontic treatment will have been for nothing.

But with these retainers, one of the questions we receive most often at our Gross Dentistas dental clinic is what to do if they have become detached. Read on to find out the answer.

What to do if your fixed dental retainer has become detached

A detached fixed dental retainer is one of the most common orthodontic emergencies that we can encounter. The most important thing is that you call our dental clinic in Malaga as soon as possible and make an appointment to solve the problem. If you let it go, it may cause discomfort to your teeth, gums or palate, or your teeth may start to move and the orthodontics may not have helped at all.
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Solutions to other common orthodontic emergencies

Although a detached fixed dental retainer is one of the most common orthodontic emergencies, there are also many others that we would like to inform you about so that you know exactly what to do in each case. These emergencies are:

  • Detached bracket: just like the fixed dental retainer, the bracket can also become detached if you eat something hard or if you bump it. Keep the bracket and make an appointment with our dentist. If it hurts you, go to the clinic as a matter of urgency.
  • Sores due to bracket rubbing: it is quite common that when you put on braces you get wounds and sores on the inside of your mouth. To avoid this, use dental wax on the brackets that are bothering you and this will soften their surface. If you wear Invisalign invisible orthodontics, put the wax on the edge of the aligner that is hurting you.
  • A tooth moves: when putting on an orthodontic appliance, it is normal for teeth to start moving during treatment, but if you notice that one of them is moving more than usual, come to your appointment to have it analysed.
  • Bleeding gums: with the braces or fixed dental retainer the gums should not bleed. If they do, it is because they are inflamed due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque, and the solution is better dental hygiene and the use of toothbrushes adapted to your treatment. Ask us about the techniques and tools you can use to improve your dental hygiene habits.
  • Broken or lost Invisalign aligners: If you have damaged or lost an Invisalign aligner, make an appointment to have your case evaluated. We may go ahead with treatment and fit you with the next aligner or we may need to order a new one.

Whatever the urgency you have with your detached fixed dental retainer or with your orthodontics in general, always come to our dental clinic in Malaga. Don’t try to fix problems with your braces or retainer yourself at home because you may cause your teeth to move and the time and money spent on the braces will have been for nothing.

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