Do you have a broken tooth? We tell you how to fix it

How to fix a broken tooth

Broken teeth are one of the most common emergencies we receive in our dental clinic in Malaga. It can happen to both adult patients and children, as the most common causes are accidents, falls, blows when playing sports or biting down on very hard food.

The teeth most likely to break are the upper central incisors or pallets. Fixing this problem will have both aesthetic and optimal chewing consequences.

What to do if you have a partially or completely broken tooth

Before going on to explain how to fix a broken tooth, it is important to know how to react when the accident occurs. The first thing to do is to stay calm and try to save the tooth or pieces you find. Then rinse your mouth out with water if you can.

There are two types of breaks that require different actions:

  • If the tooth is partially broken, for example it may have broken in half, clean the piece of tooth that has fallen out and put a cold compress on your face. Then go to your dentist’s appointment so that he or she can advise you on what professional solutions are available.
  • If the tooth has broken off completely, you should rinse the tooth that has fallen out and try to put it back into the socket without manipulating the root. Bite down on a piece of gauze to hold it in place and be careful not to swallow it. Another option is to put the tooth in a glass of milk without touching the root and then put a piece of gauze in the hole where the tooth used to be to stop the bleeding. In this case you should go to the emergency dental clinic, because there is a chance that your natural tooth can be saved.

How to fix a broken tooth depending on its severity

When you have a broken tooth it is important that you go to Gross Dentistas and that you do not try to fix it at home because it can have consequences such as infection or further damage to the tooth. Our professional will assess the degree of damage and give you the best solution.

Depending on the level of severity of your broken tooth the solutions are:

  • Low: here the nerve has not been damaged and therefore a dental veneer can be placed to fix the problem. Within our dental aesthetic treatments we have ceramic veneers and composite veneers. The latter have a more spectacular and natural result, so that no one will notice that you are wearing them.
  • Middle: here the nerve has been affected, so first we will carry out an endodontic treatment. Then we will place a crown or a cover to protect the tooth, always taking into account that it should be the same colour as the rest of your teeth and thus have a very aesthetic result.
  • Serious: if as a consequence of breaking your tooth the root has been damaged, a dental implant must be placed. With this technique we use a titanium screw as a root and place a crown or prosthesis on it to replace the tooth that was affected. Dental implants have many advantages because they are a permanent and long-lasting solution, they are very comfortable, they look like natural teeth, they do not affect the surrounding teeth and they need very little further treatment.

Accidents where teeth are damaged are more common than you think. The important thing, as we have already said, is that you keep calm and always trust the professionals at Gross Dentistas who will advise you so that you can get your teeth back to perfection. Make an appointment with us for more information on how to fix a broken tooth.

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