Important things about internal braces

Orthodontic treatments are one of the most demanded dental treatments today. This is so, because the vast majority of people like to show off a perfect smile, with aligned and healthy teeth. However, there are those who are also reluctant to opt for a metal orthodontic appliance, since the dental braces are not exactly aesthetic elements.

At Gross Dentistas we know this situation thoroughly. For this reason, if you are hesitating to start a treatment for this aesthetic inconvenience… Do not worry! Because, below we propose an alternative to conventional brackets, we refer to internal braces.

Have you ever heard of them? Keep reading to know its most important aspects!

What is lingual orthodontics?

Internal braces, also known as lingual orthodontics, consist of placing traditional braces on the inside of the teeth. Thanks to this position, the device shows almost completely imperceptible to the eyes of others.

Therefore, we can affirm that it is one of the most aesthetic and most requested corrective treatments, especially by adults, today.

Advantages and disadvantages of internal braces

In order for you to know a little more about internal braces, it is essential that you know their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of internal brackets

Among the benefits and/or advantages offered by lingual orthodontics, we highlight the following:

  • They are extremely aesthetic. As we have just commented, the fact that the braces are located on the inside of the tooth means that the device is barely visible from the outside, which is an advantage for those who want to correct their teeth imperceptibly.
  • They are very precise. Internal braces are made to measure for each person, so we can say that they have absolute precision in movements throughout the process.
  • They are safe and comfortable. The position of the device means that there are fewer injuries during treatment.

Disadvantages of internal braces

Now that you know the main advantages, the time has come for you to discover what the disadvantages of internal orthodontics are.

Now that you know the main advantages, the time has come for you to discover the drawbacks of internal braces.

  • Oral hygiene is more complicated. As it is a barely visible device, dental cleaning is more difficult to carry out. To prevent tartar from building up, you need to spend enough time brushing.
  • They’re more expensive. Lingual orthodontics requires more financial investment than other types, since in addition to being made to measure, it is a more specialized treatment.

What other dental appliances exist?

At Gross Dentistas, in addition to having internal braces at your disposal, we also have other types of appliances, from the most traditional to the most innovative on the market.

  • Metallic appliance. They correspond to traditional metal brackets that are located on the outer face of the teeth. It is the best known worldwide and also the most effective.
  • Sapphire or ceramic appliance. This type of appliance is very similar to the previous one. However, being made of sapphire or ceramic, it makes the treatment much more aesthetic.
  • Invisalign. Here we show you the most innovative, comfortable and invisible device on the market. One of its distinguishing features is that it is removable, that is, the patient can remove the splint and replace it when appropriate.

Begin your aesthetic orthodontic treatment at our clinic

As you may have seen, there are multiple options to begin orthodontic treatment, so we guarantee that there will be one that suits your needs.

If you want more information about internal braces or about any other matter of interest… Contact Gross Dentistas!

We want to see you smile!

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