The importance of good orthodontic treatment in adults

Ortodoncia adultos

Seeing an orthodontist at an early age saves time and money. However, on certain occasions a review with the orthodontist is recommended in adulthood.

Orthodontics is a magnificent treatment that serves to correct possible oral pathologies and/or to aesthetically improve dental position, resulting in a perfect smile.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Malaga, the dental specialist will have to carry out a preliminary study and prepare a diagnosis that is adapted to each patient. The personalization of the treatment is an essential factor.

At Gross Dentistas we are specialists in orthodontic treatments, we have extensive experience, and what we are most proud of is the final satisfaction of all our patients.

Benefits of orthodontics in adults

The goal of orthodontics in adults is to achieve full functionality of the mouth. The position of the jawbones, the correct dental position and a good habit of daily hygiene help the patient’s oral health.

Orthodontics provides multiple benefits for the oral health of the person undergoing the treatment.

  • One of the advantages most sought after by patients is the alignment of the teeth.
  • It improves the phonetic and masticatory functionality, allowing both the lower and upper arches to maintain adequate occlusion.
  • Reduce tooth weakness
  • Prevents the possible loss of teeth
  • It favors the self-esteem of the patient, since they will be able to wear a healthy and radiant smile.

If you need or are hesitating to perform an orthodontic treatment, value all these benefits, since they are more than enough reasons to encourage you to enjoy a spectacular smile.

Types of orthodontics for adults

At Gross Dentistas Málaga we have all the orthodontic treatments on the market, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Braced orthodontics

Metal orthodontics is the most conventional, brackets are attached to each tooth, which with the help of an arch to correct the position of the teeth.

It is true that it is the most visible and least aesthetic of all, however, it is the one that best solves possible dental malocclusion problems and is less prone to breakage of the appliance (resistant)

Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics has the same functionality as the previous one, but in this case the brackets are located on the inside of the teeth. It is less visible, the device is no longer visible to the naked eye, it is hidden.

Aesthetic orthodontics

Aesthetic orthodontics is similar to metal orthodontics, however, in this case the brackets are made of ceramic or sapphire. The result is a more aesthetic and less visible appliance.

Invisible orthodontics

Invisalign is the newest invisible orthodontics on the market, it is a device in the form of transparent covers that change depending on the evolution of the patient. It is more comfortable, because the aligner can be removed to eat or brush teeth, and it is more aesthetic, since it does not need the use of braces to correct the dental position.

Let yourself be advised by our specialists in orthodontics for adults

On many occasions, adults who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment do so to aesthetically improve their smile. However, many of them do not like that, during the treatment period, a metallic appliance with braces is visualized in the mouth.

Orthodontics has evolved remarkably with the incorporation of effective orthodontics that is invisible to the eyes of others.

If you need more information about orthodontic treatment in adults, contact Gross Dentists, we will be happy to help you.

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