What type of orthodontic treatment is the most appropriate?

Tratamiento de ortodoncia

When performing an orthodontic treatment in Malaga, several factors must be taken into account such as: dental malposition, possible maxillary pathologies, the objective of the orthodontic treatment, budget, time, etc.

For this reason, it is especially important to understand that the final decision to carry out orthodontic treatment is a joint effort between the patient and the specialist.

In this sense, in the first visit, the personalized orthodontic will assess the fit situation of each individual. If he considers that it is necessary to carry out a type of orthodontic treatment, he will explain to the patient the steps to follow. Once the patient wants to start the treatment, a study will be carried out using photographs and other elements to diagnose the case in question, and to decide what type of orthodontic treatment will be most effective.

In our dental clinic in Malaga we carry out orthodontic treatments and we analyze, study, diagnose, and advise the most appropriate type of orthodontics for each patient.

Types of orthodontic treatments that we perform at Gross Dentistas

Over time, various solutions have been incorporated to perform oral correction treatments. In our clinic we have both traditional appliances and the most innovative invisible covers on the market: Invisalign.

Next, we are going to give an explanatory tour of the different types of orthodontics and their main characteristics.

Braced orthodontics

Braces are the most traditional and well-known type of orthodontics in the world. It is a fixed system of multibrackets adhered to the inner surface of the tooth (lingual brackets) or to the outer surface of the tooth (vestibular brackets). When the brackets are attached to each tooth, they are joined by arches of different materials and thicknesses. The height of the support will be determined by the specialist depending on the movement or dental correction you want to achieve.

Aesthetic orthodontics

Orthodontics with aesthetic braces are similar to traditional metal orthodontics, but in this case ceramic or sapphire braces. It is ideal for those people who need to undergo orthodontic treatment but, nevertheless, want them to be visibly more beautiful or aesthetic.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that metallic orthodontics is more resistant than aesthetic orthodontics to the masticatory movement of the mouth.

Within orthodontic treatments we can distinguish the following types of appliances: Lingual, conventional metal, conventional aesthetic, self-ligating metal and self-ligating aesthetic.

Invisible orthodontics (Invisalign)

Invisible orthodontics is one that uses removable and transparent braces. In this case, it is not necessary to use brackets or wires. They are covers that are placed on the teeth and that will be changed depending on the results that are obtained.

Invisalign is the newest invisible orthodontics on the market and the benefits it offers to patients make their experience very satisfying.

On the one hand, we must highlight the aesthetics, since invisible covers are imperceptible to the eyes that look at them.

In addition, this treatment is much more comfortable compared to orthodontics with braces because they can be removed when eating and brushing teeth. They allow an adequate level of hygiene.

These aligners should be worn at least 22 hours a day.

Regarding the types of invisible orthodontic treatment, at Gross Dentistas we offer: Invisalign i7, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Comprehensive.

We are the best clinic to perform your orthodontic treatment

The options when choosing one type of orthodontic treatment or another are very varied. At Gross Dentistas we offer you different appliances for the correction of dental problems, both conventional and aesthetic. And we also attend emergencies and perform other dental treatments such as implants, root canals, etc.

If you need more information about the types of orthodontic treatment or about any other treatment, make an appointment. It will be in the hands of the best professionals!

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