How to get perfect teeth?

perfect teeth

Who wouldn’t want to wear a pretty smile? It is true that this is the goal of many people, who for reasons of genetics, oral pathologies and other reasons do not have perfect and / or healthy teeth.

Today, we can confirm that the dental sector has evolved significantly and effectively, and that thanks to the incorporation and innovation of treatments, achieving excellent teeth is possible.

At Gross Dentistas Málaga we are professionals in dental and orthodontic treatments, our extensive experience supports our success and our patients enjoy a very satisfactory dental result. Getting perfect teeth is a real possibility available to anyone. In this post we will show you the most used treatments and those that have most triumphed in dental correction.

Dental treatments to achieve perfect teeth

Orthodontic treatments are a good choice to achieve perfect teeth, since they diagnose, correct and even prevent possible malocclusions. Orthodontics is ideal to combat dental misalignment and / or crowding.

Currently, there are two types of orthodontics: fixed or removable.

In the first, it is the orthodontist who places the fixed appliance on the denture and it is he who makes the necessary modifications or adjustments for correct alignment.

As for the removable, the specialist designs the appliance according to the needs of the patient, but the latter will be responsible for complying with the treatment times.

Fixed orthodontic treatments

Within the type of fixed orthodontics we find: conventional metal brackets, self-ligating metal brackets, lingual brackets (bracket on the inside of the teeth), conventional aesthetic brackets and self-ligating aesthetic ones.

The orthodontics of aesthetic brackets present the same functionality as the conventional ones, however, in this case, the bracket can be white or transparent. They are ideal for those who want to achieve perfect teeth with a device that is not so visible.

Removable orthodontic treatments

At this point, the main treatment is Invisalign. These are transparent covers or aligners that have the function of correcting dental malposition.

Its main difference compared to conventional orthodontics is that they do not have brackets or wires and also, the patient himself can remove and place the appliance himself.

Without a doubt, it is the most innovative, comfortable and aesthetic orthodontic treatment.

Veneers and teeth whitening

Other of the star treatments to get a smile of 10 are the treatments of veneers and teeth whitening.

When the tooth is healthy but can be aesthetically improved, professionals can place ceramic or composite veneers. The result is spectacular.

In addition, to beautify your smile even more, you can opt for a teeth whitening treatment. At Gross Dentistas we have the best teeth whitening machine on the market.

Dental implants

It may be that the patient wants to aesthetically improve his smile but his teeth are noticeably damaged.

Here we could resort to what we call a dental implant, which consists of replacing a damaged or lost tooth with a replacement that pretends to be a real tooth. For this replacement to be like a tooth, it needs a root, for this a titanium screw is used.

Get perfect teeth at Gross Dentistas

At Gross Dentistas Málaga we work daily to achieve excellent results in the oral health and aesthetics of our patients.

If you too want to get perfect teeth, just get in touch with us. We analyze, diagnose and treat each particular situation. If you choose Gross Dentists you will be in the best hands! Contact us!

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