Re-endodontics, when is it necessary to undergo


It is possible that our tooth with root canal treatment may suffer pain, discomfort and even more sensitivity than normal. If this happens, you may have to return to your dentist for a re-endodontic procedure. This does not mean that a bad job was done during the endodontic process; re-endodontics depends on various factors.

What is re-endodontics?

Before starting to talk about when we should go through this procedure, it is important to know what it is about. Re-endodontics consists of re-treating the root canals of a tooth or molar which has undergone endodontics.

This treatment needs to use special means such as a three-dimensional x-ray and be treated by dentists specialized in endodontics. At Gross Dentistas, a dental clinic in Malaga, we are experts in the good treatment of your teeth and in performing re-endodontics.

There is a small chance that it will be necessary to clean the canals again in order to remove any living material left from the previous root canal.

The re-endodontic procedure is practically the same as that of a root canal. Their success rate is quite high.

Cases in which a re-endodontics is necessary

There are several reasons why we have to have a re-endodontics:

There is an uncleaned root canal

There are some teeth in our mouth that have a somewhat complex anatomy. For example, there is a possibility that the channels are curved. This type of thing makes it difficult to locate and clean our root canals, causing the infection to not be completely eliminated during the endodontic procedure.

Cleaning and filling in root canals has not been completed

This is similar to what was mentioned above, but this time on the roots of the teeth. If the cleaning has not been completely completed by reaching the end of the root, it is possible that the infection has not completely disappeared.

New cavities have developed and it is necessary to proceed with re-endodontics

Teeth that have had a root canal can also suffer from cavities again. You must know that the appearance of cavities in these teeth is more difficult to find and that, since they do not have a nerve, the tooth does not feel any type of pain.

Contamination through saliva

The reasons for having a re-endodontic procedure may also be due to the entry of bacteria into the tooth due to contamination of the saliva that has leaked inside. To avoid this, it is necessary to perform good isolation of the root canal tooth.

Problems may arise during restoration

Teeth that have undergone a root canal can be restored with crowns or reconstructions. If the tooth suffers a crack, bacteria can accumulate inside from the environment.

Contraindications of a re-endodontics

There are some cases in which it would not be possible to perform a re-endodontics:

  • Root with a huge fissure. If this situation occurs, the piece cannot be restored and dental implants will be recommended.
  • Calcification of the root canals. In some cases it is not advisable to go through this process since the survival time of the affected tooth is minimal. This occurs when the teeth have lost much of their support and move too much due to periodontitis.
  • Bad habits or poor oral hygiene. It is not advisable to perform re-endodontics for people who have bad habits regarding their oral hygiene.

As experts in oral health, we offer you the best service for your teeth. From re-endodontics to dental implants if you need it. If you want more information, do not hesitate to make an appointment.

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