Red spots on the palate? Learn about the types and care

red dots on the palate

Have you developed red dots or spots on the palate? There are many types, and depending on the type of pathology, the symptoms will be different. Some patients have red spots on the roof of their mouth that are quite painful, while others don’t even notice them, and there are also people with palate spots who have minor discomfort but can go on with their normal life.

If you think you have these red spots, you should visit our dental clinic in Malaga so that a specialized dentist can see you and tell you what treatment you should follow to eliminate these small and annoying spots.

Types of red spots or stains that appear on the palate

Burns: having eaten something very hot, it is possible that red spots may appear on the roof of your mouth. In fact, the patients we receive with burns not only have these red spots, but also injured tissue.

Reaction to medication: some people may have reactions to medication that cause red spots on the palate, while they may also develop when the medication is allowed to dissolve in the mouth.

Canker sores: Canker sores are sores that can vary in size and are manifested by a spot that has a white centre and the rest is red. They can appear in the mouth, tongue, cheeks, lips, gums, throat or palate. They are not contagious and usually last about 2 weeks, and appear when the body’s defences are lowered or due to trauma. Our dentists at Gross Dentistas will make sure that it heals properly and that it does not bother you too much.

Herpes: this virus, once the patient has been infected, does not disappear from the body. That is why people who suffer from it usually suffer from it several times a year. When it appears in the form of red spots on the palate, it does not usually hurt, but it must be treated with medication so that it does not increase in size and can spread.

Candida: this is a fungus that produces red or white spots in the mouth. It is usually found in people with diabetes and also in young children. It must be treated with antifungal medication prescribed by the dentist.

Coxsackie virus: this especially affects children under 5 years of age and causes red spots on the roof of the mouth, which are usually painful.

Malignant lesions: when you have red spots on the palate, it is very important to make regular appointments with your dentist to detect the source, as well as to rule out worse diseases. The professional will be able to analyse if something is not working properly in our organism.

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Red spots on the palate of a child: how to fix them

As you have read, some of the types of red spots on the palate particularly affect children. This is something that worries many parents, and rightly so.

That is why we have a doctor who specialises in pediatric dentistry, which is the branch of dentistry that treats children. Thanks to her work we will be able to detect the type of red spot in time, and what treatment is the most appropriate to eliminate it as soon as possible and avoid any kind of pain or discomfort for the child.

It is important that you bring your children to the dentist when they are young for check-ups to detect these red spots on the roof of the mouth. They will also get used to it, and avoid that popular “fear of going to the dentist” that many teenagers and even adults suffer from.

If you want more information about the red spots that can appear on the palate, contact our dental clinic in Malaga and ask for an appointment. And remember that we have specialists in orthodontics and dental implants! If you need advice or a review for another treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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