Dental reconstruction: types and when it is necessary

dental reconstruction

Dental reconstruction is the best way to preserve natural teeth. This dental solution is necessary for patients with damaged teeth, which can affect the functionality and also the aesthetics of the mouth. With dental reconstruction, severe damage to the dentition can be restored.

Some situations in which this treatment may be necessary are: after having suffered a dental trauma, or after having had deep cavities. Depending on the patient’s specific case, we will recommend one type of dental reconstruction or another.

Types of dental reconstruction with Gross Dentistas

Choosing one type of dental reconstruction or another depends on the level of damage and condition of the patient’s teeth. When you make your appointment and we analyse your teeth, we will tell you which technique is best for preserving your natural teeth. As we have already mentioned, the ultimate goal is for you to be able to eat and drink normally again, at the same time as recovering the aesthetics of your smile.

The types of dental reconstruction that we can find are:

  • Dental reconstruction with veneers: in our dental clinic in Malaga we work with ceramic veneers and composite veneers. They are used in patients who have had a blow to their teeth. Composite veneers have the most spectacular result, making it impossible to see where the dental reconstruction is, as it will look like your natural tooth.

When does a patient need dental reconstruction?

Dental reconstruction is the best option to keep the original teeth and not have to resort to dental implants. In addition to deep cavities and dental trauma, dental reconstruction can also be used when the crown of a tooth is fractured or when you want to improve the aesthetics of the mouth due to problems such as bruxism.

The technique we use at Gross Dentistas is minimally invasive and very comfortable, allowing the patient to return to normal life without any problems.

Dental implants: when dental reconstruction doesn’t work

However, there are some patients for whom it is too late to keep their natural teeth because they are too damaged or have already fallen out. In these cases, dental reconstruction is not effective and we must turn to dental implants.

Dental implants are a treatment that replaces a badly damaged or lost tooth with a replacement tooth that has the same aesthetics as a natural tooth.

As a root, the implant has a titanium screw that is very easy for our body to integrate, durable and perfectly suitable for this function.

There are many causes that can lead a patient from simply needing a dental reconstruction to needing the whole implant and some of the most important ones are grouped into four types:

  • Blows or trauma: some pathologies such as bruxism can cause important fractures in the teeth, or directly some particularly strong blows.
  • Age: older patients gradually lose gum tissue and their teeth wear down. This is why it is quite common for older people to need dental implants.
  • Periodontitis: this is a disease that causes inflammation of the gums and eventually causes teeth to fall out because they are not sufficiently supported.
  • Other pathologies: there are other diseases where dental implants are also used directly instead of reconstructions, such as diabetes, cancer, osteomyelitis, autoimmune diseases

If you need more information about dental reconstruction, dental implants or any other type of treatment that we carry out in our dental clinic in Malaga such as orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics or sleep apnoea, please contact us. Make an appointment and we will attend to you.

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