What are the names of the teeth and their functions?

dientes nombres y funciones

Probably, in a more than one occasion, you have stopped to count how many teeth you have in your mouth, right? However, it is rare that the names of the teeth and their functions are known.

For this reason, at Gross Dentistas, a dental clinic in Malaga, we are going to give you all the information about them to resolve any questions that may arise in this regard.

Teeth: Names and functions

Teeth are bony structures found in the mouth and have various functions, mainly chewing and grinding food. In this sense, it should be noted that they are divided into four types: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Each type of tooth has a specific shape and size that suits its function.

That being said, it is the perfect time for you to learn the names of the teeth and their functions in more detail:

Names of teeth and their functions

  • The canines are the teeth next to the incisors, and are longer and sharper. They have a conical appearance and are mainly used to pierce and tear food. As far as the upper canines are concerned, they are more elongated in shape and are in the corner of the mouth. The lower canines are more rounded in shape and are below the upper ones.
  • The premolars have a more square and flat appearance. They are used to crush and chew food properly. The upper premolars are more elongated and lie behind the canines, while the lower premolars are more rounded and lie below the upper ones.
  • The molars are the back teeth of the mouth and are the largest and strongest. They have a rounder and flatter shape and are used to crush and chew food. The upper molars are longer and are behind the premolars. On the other hand, the lower molars are more rounded and are located below the premolars.

In addition to the four types of teeth, there are also milk teeth, which are temporary teeth that appear in the mouth of babies and fall out to be defined by permanent teeth as the child grows.

In short, teeth are an important part of the digestive system and have various functions, mainly to grind and chew food.

What are the parts of a tooth?

Now that you know the names of the teeth and their functions, we are going to show you the different parts of them.


The crown corresponds to the outer part of the tooth and is reinforced by the enamel that protects the piece.


The dentin is located around the dental nerve, inside the pulp. It is a delicate area, since it is full of blood vessels.


When we talk about the root, we are talking about the inner part of the dental bone. This is attached to the crown through the neck and periodontal ligament.

After knowing the names of the teeth and their functions, come to our clinic so that we can treat them

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If you count your teeth now, you already know the names of the teeth and their functions.

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