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que es halitosis

To guarantee the enjoyment of adequate oral health, it is advisable to visit the dentist frequently, since the development of an oral pathology can trigger the appearance of other aggravating elements in the mouth, such as halitosis.

Halitosis, also known as bad breath, corresponds to an unpleasant and uncomfortable smell that comes off the mouth.

Stopping bad breath in time is essential both to regain optimal oral health and for the mental well-being of the person who suffers from it. There are many situations in which this condition causes embarrassment, discomfort and even anxiety.

At Gross Dentistas we are aware of the importance and seriousness that the problem of halitosis entails. For this reason, we wanted to write this article dedicated to this matter. Throughout it we will show you what are its origins, causes and the treatments that fight it.

Why does halitosis originate?

This condition originates mainly inside the oral cavity, either due to the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue or due to periodontal diseases, tobacco consumption, dental cavities, among others.

However, there is also the possibility, albeit less common, that it originates outside the oral cavity. It is essentially due to disorders of the respiratory tract, the digestive system, or kidney or liver pathologies.

In turn, we can divide the causes of halitosis or bad breath into two categories: Non-pathological and pathological.

Non-pathological causes:

  • Tobacco use creates bad breath during and after addiction.
  • There are some medicines that promote xerostomia (dry mouth), preventing saliva from performing its cleaning function.
  • In the same way, morning breath is not usually pleasant, since during the night period we tend to decrease the flow of saliva.
  • After consuming certain foods such as onion or garlic, bad breath intensifies.
  • Alcohol favors the appearance of bacteria in the mouth and reduces saliva.
  • Inadequate oral hygiene is another major cause of halitosis. To enjoy good oral health, it is essential to carry out at least 3 daily brushings after each meal for a period of 2 minutes.
  • The use of bridges or dentures facilitates the accumulation of food debris, and with them bacterial plaque

Pathological causes:

  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Viral, bacterial, or fungal infections
  • Periodontal disease

Whatever the cause, at Gross Dentistas we are at your disposal to provide effective solutions so that you can eradicate halitosis or bad breath.

Gross Dentistas offers you solutions and treatments to eliminate halitosis

To carry out a proper diagnosis to combat halitosis or bad breath, several fundamental aspects are taken into account: health status, lifestyle, oral situation and hygiene habits.

At Gross Dentistas, after conducting an assessment, we will provide tailor-made solutions, including the following:

  • Recommend antimicrobial agents
  • Perform professional oral hygiene
  • Advise new oral hygiene habits for the patient to perform at home: brushing techniques, interproximal cleaning, cleaning the tongue, mouthwash, etc.

If you need more information about halitosis or suspect that you have bad breath, or want to carry out any other type of dental or orthodontic treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are happy to help and assist you!

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