What types of dental appliances are there?

tipos de aparatos dentales

Wearing a perfect smile, today, is within reach in relation to past times. Currently, we are in a market and research of oral solutions and types of dental appliances that is constantly evolving.

Dental braces offer brilliant results when it comes to tooth placement. For this reason, orthodontic treatments are increasingly in demand.

At Gross Dentistas we are specialists in orthodontic treatment in Málaga and we have high-quality dental appliances. In addition, we analyze, study, diagnose and treat in a personalized way, what type of dental appliance is the most suitable for each of our patients.

Types of dental appliances

Having a malposition or dental pathology makes us think about what we can do to solve it. The best answer is to go to a professional in this sector to find out which treatment will be most effective.

Dental appliances have become a real answer in the remedy of oral irregularities. At present, we find ourselves with a varied and very diverse apparatus, which provides, in most cases, the solutions we are looking for.

Among the different types of dental appliances we find the following:

  • Metal braces. They stand out because they are the most traditional, resistant and employed. They consist of individual metal brackets located on the outer face of each of the teeth, these brackets are connected by a wire. As a general rule, this type of dental appliance is usually silver or gray.
  • Lingual braces. They present a very similar system to the previous one, since the material and the function are exactly the same. However, the bracket, in this case, is located on the inner face of the teeth. The result is much more aesthetic, since they are barely visible because they cannot be seen from the outside.
  • Aesthetic braces. This type of device can be made of two materials: ceramic or sapphire. They are called “aesthetic” because they try to camouflage themselves by having a color similar to that of the teeth. Its functionality is just as effective as the rest, although the metal ones are more resistant.
  • Invisible orthodontics. It is without a doubt, the most innovative and aesthetic today. These are transparent removable covers, that is, removable. This dental appliance performs its function satisfactorily in a completely imperceptible way. Invisalign is the most comfortable and hygienic solution, since with its easy removal it allows a much more thorough tooth brushing.

Children’s dental appliances

Depending on the age of each patient and their specific needs, the orthodontic treatment will be one or the other. In any case, the advice of an oral specialist is essential.

As far as children are concerned, it should be borne in mind that metal orthodontic treatments are recommended between 11 and 13 years of age for girls and between 12 and 14 years of age for boys. However, depending on each situation, it is possible to talk about orthodontic treatments from the age of 6 or 7, which is when they have their permanent teeth.

Depending on the child’s dental problem, we find different dental devices: fixed or removable dental expander, devices to correct maxillary postures, other preventive devices to guide the teeth to their correct position, etc.

All types of dental appliances are in Gross Dentistas

In our dental clinic in Malaga you will have at your disposal any appliance on the market and oral hygiene, from the most traditional to the most innovative, for adults or children.

If you want to know more about the dental appliances of Gross Dentistas, make an appointment and we will give you all the information you request and need. Contact us!

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