White dots on the gums: what are they and why do they appear?

puntos blancos en las encias

On multiple occasions, our patients visit our clinic because they present variations in their mouth, whether in their teeth, gums, molars, tongue, etc. One of the most common modifications corresponds to white spots on the gums.

Faced with this warning sign, due to the sudden change in color, we recommend making an appointment with your trusted dentist, so that he can analyze your particular situation and indicate the treatment to follow.

At Gross Dentistas we are specialists in the dentistry sector. For this reason, and because of the extensive experience we have, we know how to identify any type of oral anomaly, be it gums or any other oral element.

Throughout this article we will show you all the pertinent details so that you know in depth what white spots on the gums are and why they appear.

What are white spots on the gums?

For gums to look healthy, they should be slightly pale pink. Otherwise, it will be a key sign to know that your mouth is modifying an oral pathology.

Therefore, white spots on the gums are white spots on the gums, which can also appear in other places in the mouth, and that occur in response to a stimulus or aggression.

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Why do white dots appear on the gums?

As we have just discussed, white spots on the gums are caused by some kind of aggression or stimulus… But which one? The truth is that there are several factors or situations that cause this oral anomaly.

Bacterial plaque accumulation

One of the main origins of white spots on the gums corresponds to the accumulation of bacterial plaque. If you carry out a daily, correct and effective brushing, your probability of suffering from them will be much lower.


Lack of iron is associated with anemia. Those people who suffer from this disease are prone to a decrease in red blood cells, since this lack of iron prevents their blood from transporting enough oxygen to the rest of the body, and this fact favors the change of color in the gingival tissue.

Mouth sores or ulcers

Canker sores can have their origin in various situations: in orthodontic treatments, in dental prostheses, in a dental fracture, etc. These sores or mouth ulcers cause the gums to turn white, especially in the place where the blister is located.

Oral lichen planus

Oral lichen planus corresponds to a chronic inflammatory disease that favors the immune system to attack certain cells in the mouth. It is not a serious pathology, but it is highly recommended to control it so as not to trigger worse diseases.

Mouth cancer

Although it may be the case, it is not common for white dots in the mouth to be a reason for oral cancer. However, if it is convenient that before any new stain located in the mouth you go to the specialist to treat it.

We help you combat any gum pathology

It is very relevant to highlight and repeat again that at the moment we observe any type of alteration in our mouth, it is advisable to go to your trusted dentist to remedy it and that the possible oral pathology does not worsen or trigger greater damage.

At Gross Dentistas, in addition to helping you combat white spots on the gums, we are also specialists in treating other pathologies of the gingival tissue, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. We are experts in both the field of dentistry and orthodontics.

If you want more details about what they are and why white dots appear on the gums, or about any other oral matter, we invite you to request more information… How? Contact us! We will gladly help you.

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