Dental stripping: What is it and when is it necessary?

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Dental stripping, also known as interdental reduction or interproximal wear, is a dental procedure that involves millimetric wear of tooth enamel to create space between them.

This treatment is usually done as part of the orthodontic plan to correct crowding problems and improve tooth alignment.

From our dental clinic in Malaga and Torremolinos, in this article, we will explore when dental stripping is used and the benefits that this procedure offers.

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In what cases is dental stripping used?

Dental stripping is considered a safe and effective procedure for certain cases of dental malocclusions and crowding.

In this regard, orthodontists may recommend stripping in the following situations:

Dental crowding

Crowding occurs when there is a lack of jaw space to accommodate all teeth properly.

For this reason, in these cases, the orthodontist may recommend dental stripping to create the necessary space and achieve proper alignment of the teeth.


Diastema are excessive spaces between the teeth, especially in the anterior area.

Dental stripping can be used to reduce the size of these spaces and improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Dental asymmetries

Some people may have asymmetries in the size of their teeth, which affects the overall appearance of the smile.

The dental procedure can be used to slightly level the teeth and improve the harmony of it.

Preparation for orthodontic treatments

In certain cases, the orthodontist may choose to perform dental stripping before starting orthodontic treatment, such as using brackets or transparent aligners.

The goal is to create the necessary space for the correct alignment of the teeth during treatment.

Benefits of dental stripping

Interdental wear offers several benefits for those patients who need it as part of their dental or orthodontic treatment.

Here are some of the most relevant:

Crowding correction

One of the main ones is the correction of dental crowding. By millimeter-worn tooth enamel, space is created to allow teeth to properly align in the dental arch.

Prevents tooth extractions

In many cases, dental stripping can avoid the need for dental extractions to fix crowding. This is especially advantageous for those patients who wish to maintain their natural teething and avoid tooth loss.

Improves the dental aesthetic

Significantly improves the aesthetic appearance of the smile and facial harmony.

Conservative procedure

Dental stripping is a conservative and minimally invasive procedure. Only a small amount of enamel is removed in specific areas between the teeth, preserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

Improved dental alignment

By correcting crowding and improving dental alignment, interdental reduction contributes to a more balanced distribution of mastication pressure, which can reduce tension in certain teeth and jaw in general.

Stable results in the long term

When dental stripping is performed correctly, results tend to be stable over time. This means that the benefits of proper alignment and improved smile are maintained over the long term. Thanks to this treatment, you can wear a smile aligned and perfect.

At our dental clinic in Malaga and Torremolinos, we understand the importance of every decision we make in your dental treatment.

Therefore, our orthodontic specialists will evaluate your case in a personalized way and explain the available options, including dental stripping if necessary. Our specialists will also accompany you throughout the orthodontic process, so if you have any problems or are suffering any pain, you can tell your orthodontist.

Your oral health is our priority and we work tirelessly to provide you with the best care and outstanding results at every step of your treatment. If you have any questions about how to have good daily oral health, you can ask any of our professionals.

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