Discover what types of metal orthodontics exist

Today, we can say that fixing any functional or aesthetic dental problem is within everyone’s reach. Thanks to the great progress of the dentistry sector, we have a wide variety of dental appliances and, one of them, corresponds to metal orthodontics.

Metallic orthodontics is the most conventional and best known orthodontic system worldwide. In fact, surely on more than one occasion you have seen someone wear this type of appliance in their mouth… right?

But exactly, have you ever wondered what this orthodontic treatment consists of… Keep reading!

What does a metal orthodontic treatment consist of?

Metal orthodontic treatment consists of a system of fixed multi-braces attached to the internal (lingual brackets) or external (vestibular brackets) of the tooth.

The orthodontist will be in charge of placing each braces on each tooth in a specific position, that is, depending on the needs of each patient. And, these brackets are linked to wires or arches of different thicknesses and materials.

The types of metal orthodontics we offer

Now that you know more information about metal orthodontics, it is the right time for you to know what types of dental appliances of this style we offer at Gross Dentistas:

Conventional metal braces

This dental appliance has been used since the appearance of orthodontic treatments and the main characteristic that defines them is the system that joins the braces and the arch.

Self-ligating metal braces

Currently, it corresponds to one of the most used and advanced orthodontic treatments.

Self-ligating metal braces, unlike conventional ones, use a specialized clip system to help the archwire guide teeth into their ideal position. Therefore, they dont need elastics.

Aesthetic self-ligating metal braces

This type of metal orthodontics offers an advanced design to improve treatment time and orthodontic efficacy. In addition, they will provide the patient with an improvement in aesthetics in relation to self-ligating metal brackets, since the support is white or transparent.

Lingual appliances

Lingual orthodontics consists of placing the brackets on the inner face of the teeth. The great advantage of this device is, without a doubt, the aesthetics it offers, since they are imperceptible to the eyes of others.

Another type of dental appliance: Invisalign

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is important to underline that thanks to the unbeatable progress of this sector, unimaginable dental devices have been created years ago, such as: Invisalign.

Invisalign is the most invisible, comfortable, aesthetic and innovative option to align your teeth.

The most notable difference between Invisalign and conventional metal orthodontics is that the teeth aligners are removable and practically invisible.

This type of orthodontic treatment is the favorite, especially for adults, since nobody notices that they are wearing this device. Therefore, they can correct your teeth in a completely

aesthetic and innovative way.

Start your orthodontic treatment now at our dental clinic

If after reading all the options available in dental appliances you are encouraged to start your orthodontic treatment, we remind you that at Gross Dentistas we have extensive experience, extensive knowledge and the satisfaction of our patients.

Our goal is… To see you smile! For this reason, we offer you the best equipment on the market.

For more information on metal orthodontics or on any other matter related to the dentistry sector, we recommend you contact us directly… Our specialists will be happy to help and assist you!

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