Discover the mouth cleanings that can be done a year

More and more people are concerned about maintaining their optimal oral health. To do this, in addition to daily oral brushing (three times a day, after each meal, for two minutes), it is essential to go to the dentist for a professional dental cleaning. But… how many mouth cleanings can be done per year?

Before solving this repeated question, it is important that you know exactly what a professional dental cleaning consists of.

What exactly is a professional dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning, also known by the name of prophylaxis, corresponds to a dental technique that aims to clean dental surfaces, remove tartar and accumulated bacterial plaque.

At the end of the cleaning, polishing is done with special pastes to remove possible stains, since many foods such as red wine, coffee or red fruits, among others, can darken tooth enamel.

In this sense, professional dental cleaning also serves to detect cavities, gum pathologies (gingivitis or periodontitis), injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, etc.

Benefits of professional oral cleanings

Before revealing how many mouth cleanings can be done per year, it is interesting that you know the benefits that these professional oral cleanings offer.

Perfect teeth

Thanks to professional cleaning, teeth remain perfect, that is, without tartar, without stains and without bacteria. In the same way, it also helps to strengthen tooth enamel and allows us to detect, as we have mentioned before, possible oral pathologies.

Contributes to good health

There are diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems that have a very close relationship with periodontal pathologies. For this reason, in these cases, it is key to carry out such periodic cleaning.

It fights bad breath

Nothing more and nothing less than 50% of the population has halitosis or bad breath problems, and in many situations it is related to the accumulation of tartar and bacteria. For this reason, professional dental cleaning will help combat it successfully.

Teeth look prettier

Professional cleaning, in addition to being very beneficial for oral health, also influences teeth to look whiter and shinier, because stains caused by the consumption of coffee, tobacco, red wine, among others, are eradicated.

Sense of taste is enhanced

When we have waste in the mouth, it is very normal for the sense of taste to be altered and, as a consequence, food tastes differently to us. Clean and healthy teeth help us to have a good sense of taste.

Avoid costs over time

Professional dental cleaning can prevent future problems caused by poor oral hygiene, such as extractions or implants, which translates into significant money savings in the long run.

How many mouth cleanings can be done per year?

Now yes, the time has come to reveal how many dental cleanings can be performed per year. The truth is that at Gross Dentistas we always recommend our patients to have this cleaning done at least once a year, and in cases where there are significant oral pathologies, we recommend it every six months.

However, it is always best to do an individual assessment, as no two people are the same.

If you want to come to our clinic to have a professional dental cleaning done, we remind you that at Gross Dentistas we have specialists with extensive experience in all kinds of dental treatments.

For more information on how many dental cleanings can be done per year or on any other question, contact us. We will gladly help you.

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