Know what elastics are used in orthodontics

There is an essential element in dental correction treatments that aim to guarantee the success of the results. We refer to elastics in orthodontics.

In this sense, the collaboration of the patient is fundamental, since if he follows the specialist’s instructions, he will have, in the established time, the perfect smile that he has always dreamed of, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

But, exactly, what are elastic bands in orthodontics and what are they for? Pay attention because at Gross Dentistas, your trusted dental clinic in Malaga, we show it to you below.

What are elastics in orthodontics?

 Orthodontic elastics, also called rubber, correspond to a key auxiliary instrument that is used in certain orthodontic treatments, generally those that are performed with a metallic appliance. Its function is to correct the bite and dental alignment of the patient, and thus guarantee the success of the results.

What are elastics used for in orthodontics?

After knowing the definition of rubber bands, you have probably wondered, what are elastic bands used for in orthodontics?

We must mention that there are two types of rubber bands: Those that are used to join elements and those that are used to correct bite problems, the latter are called intermaxillary elastic bands.

The orthodontic elastics are used to join each bracket with the metal arch. Through them, pressure is exerted on the dental pieces to direct them towards their correct position.

It is essential to emphasize that without the collaboration of the patient, in terms of intermaxillary elastic bands, optimal results will not be obtained, since it will be the user who must place them following the orthodontist’s instructions.

Tips to know how to properly use the gums in orthodontic treatments

By showing you what elastics are for in orthodontics, we have thought that it is an excellent option to show you a series of tips so that you know how to use them properly. Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

Follow the instructions of the orthodontist

First of all, we mention again that following the instructions of the orthodontic specialist is crucial. Be sure to use them as explained in consultation.

You must be constant

Secondly, constancy is essential, you must wear the elastics in orthodontics daily and during most of the day. Otherwise, the desired results will not be obtained.

Renew every 24 hours

With use the rubbers lose their elasticity. For this reason, it is very important to renew them every minimum 24 hours. You can change them when you brush your teeth or when you go to eat.

Discomfort is common

Orthodontic elastics frequently cause discomfort in patients, and even more so during the first days of placement. These discomforts are part of the process, it is usual, because it means that the teeth are changing their position. For this reason, we encourage you not to stop putting on the elastic bands, you will soon have a dreamy smile!

Recover the hours that you have not used the elastics

If by some chance there has been a day that you have not worn the rubber bands long enough, compensate for this fact by putting them on another day for a longer time.

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