The best tips for dental trauma

Life is full of unexpected events. In this sense, today we want to address an issue that may be of great interest to you, related to knocks on the teeth that happen unexpectedly. We refer to dental trauma, have you ever heard of them?

Dental trauma corresponds to injuries that occur in the teeth due to an impact, normally unexpected. It can occur during a car accident, falls in sports exercises, hits with hard objects, among others.

If you continue reading until the end of the text, you will discover the best tips for dental trauma, offered by Gross Dentistas.

What types of dental trauma exist?

Before revealing the best advice for dental trauma, it is convenient that you know other aspects of interest related to this matter. For this reason, below we show you the types of dental trauma that exist.

Coronal fractures

Coronal fractures are usually the result of habits such as bruxism (teeth grinding). They are diagnosed when the damaged enamel is observed in the study but radiographically it does not present any problem. Notably, it tends to have a good prognosis.

Uncomplicated coronary fracture

As for the uncomplicated coronary fracture, also called amelodentinal, it occurs when the trauma causes the loss of dental enamel and dentin. In this type there is no mobility, but the patient does experience pain and discomfort.

Complicated coronary fracture

Complicated coronaty fracture is the most serious, since the affected person loses enamel, dentin and pulp. This is because the blow affects the innermost dental part, for this reason, it is important to consider whether it is an adult or an infant.

Treatment of dental trauma

There is very little left for tips for dental trauma, but first let’s talk about the treatments that are carried out to cure them.

It is important to mention that depending on the severity of the blow, one treatment or another will be chosen. The most frequent are the following: The use of a splint that stabilizes the affected tooth, repositioning of the tooth, repositioning with orthodontics, etc.

Tips for dental trauma

Now yes, the most awaited moment of the text has arrived: Advice for dental trauma.

If you have a dental fracture…

  • Save the fractured piece.
  • Insert it into a container with clean water.
  • When you go to your trusted dentist, take the piece with you. The specialist may be able to reposition it.

If you have suffered a blow and the tooth is mobile…

  • Place a clean gauze around the injured tooth to avoid contact with the others.
  • Does not put pressure on the tooth, it can be counterproductive.
  • Go to an emergency dental clinic, time is key in these situations.

If the tooth falls out completely…

  • Save the tooth that has fallen out.
  • Clean it with water if necessary.
  • Urgently go to a dental clinic.

Come to our clinic to receive the treatment that best suits your needs

It is very important that you have retained the information regarding the advice for dental trauma, that is why we have decided to expose it through this medium.

On the other hand, we would like to remind you that whatever oral treatment you need at Gross Dentistas, you will have it at your disposal. We have a highly qualified team in: Orthodontic treatments, dental implants, dental aesthetics, periodontics, among others. Our knowledge and experiences guarantee our success.

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