What is gum phlegmon?

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Maintaining adequate oral health is essential to prevent possible pathologies such as gum phlegmon. If we do not carry out thorough oral hygiene, it can lead to an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. In the worst cases, this fact leads to the danger of leading to mobility or even tooth loss.

Gum phlegmon, also known as an abscess, corresponds to an inflammation located in the gum. This inflammation is the result of an infection caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. When this type of situation occurs, a deposit of pus is generated in the periapical area, causing a lot of pain or discomfort to the person who suffers from it.

At Gross Dentistas we have been working on this type of pathology for many years, and our knowledge and experiences make us alert that in case of suffering an abscess, the most convenient thing is to go to a consultation to treat the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, this inflammation will end up attacking the dental support bones, putting their stability at risk.

Why does gum phlegmon appear?

As we have just mentioned, gum phlegmon is the consequence of bacterial accumulation. The main causes of its appearance correspond to untreated dental caries, periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis), advanced tonsillitis or even severe trauma.

The continuous progress of the abscess can damage the pulp cavity, an area where the blood vessels of the tooth are protected, that is, the nerve.

Preventing the phlegmon of the gums from attacking the inner layers of the teeth is key to preserving the correct functionality and oral aesthetics.

Consequences of gum phlegmon

The consequences of suffering from an abscess can be very annoying and uncomfortable. The intensity of the discomfort will differ depending on the degree of severity. However, the main symptoms are the following:

  • Severe and continuous pain
  • tooth sensitivity
  • Bad breath or halitosis
  • bad mouth taste
  • eating difficulties
  • Swollen face or neck glands
  • Discomfort
  • fiber

How is gum phlegmon cured?

To treat a gum boil it is very necessary to go to a trusted dentist, to study and analyze the particular situation. To eliminate pain, inflammation and infection, the specialist will recommend:

  • Anti-inflammatories that relieve pain and swelling.
  • Antibiotics to eradicate the infection (*Important: Only take under medical prescription).
  • Mouthwashes with warm water and salt, which favor the drainage of pus and reduce inflammation.
  • In case of facial swelling, apply cold on the cheek.

At Gross Dentistas we solve any oral pathology

At our Gross Dentistas Dental Clinic we are at your entire disposal to solve any problem or oral pathology that may arise. Our primary objective is to guarantee your oral health, and for this reason, we have the best specialists.

In addition to our dentistry services, we are also professional orthodontists. We provide effective orthodontic treatments that will give your mouth the required functionality and desired aesthetics. We have traditional orthodontic appliances (metal, ceramic and sapphire braces), and the latest and most exclusive appliances (Invisalign and incognito).

Remember that an appointment on time is key to preserving proper oral health in the future. Whatever your problem or query, we will give you the answers you need.

At Gross Dentistas we hope that this article on what gum phlegmon is has been of great help to you, however, contact us to request any information you need. We will be happy to assist you!

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